• CONA B

    CONA B

    Bi-metallic steam trap, featuring continuously adjustable of condensate subcooling. Easy Installation...!

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    For condensate drainage in steam systems – with the option of targeted condensate sub-cooling
    for high energy utilisation and minimisation of re-evaporation due to condensate back pressure...!

    Features :

    • Ideal control characteristics and high-performance precision by combining stepped profile bi-metallic plates, self aligning spindle stem and combination check valve.
    • High performance and long life, profiled bi-metallic plates are dirt resistant and give optimum reaction time to temperature changes.
    • Long life and economy with metal / metal body-bonnet seals.
    • Quick-assembly housing for optimum handling (DN 15-25 and PN 40). Seal-free.
    • Long life by combining self-aligning low friction spindle with Bi-metallic plates.
    • Long life on high pressure traps. Maintainable insert on valve outlet prevents valve body erosion (PN 63 to PN 630).
    • Frost and water hammer resistant for long life.


    • Weight 1,6 - 14,1 kg
    • Diameter 15 - 50 mm
    • Pressure 16 - 630 bar