• CONA M

    CONA M

    Diaphragm capsule thermostatic steam trap, high sensitivity and exact control characteristic. Featuring inside or outside strainer.

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    For condensate drainage in steam systems – with the option of targeted condensate sub-cooling for high energy utilisation and minimisation of re-evaporation due to condensate back pressure!

    Features :

    • Highly responsive for efficient performance (using ultra-sensitive, rapid-reaction control fluid).
    • Precision control characteristics for high performance (using sensitive control diaphragm).
    • Flexibility for high performance (four sub-cooling options by selecting different diaphragms capsules).
    • Pilot valve replaces several control diaphragms, thus creating variable operational modes for efficient performance (pilot control for very small and extremely high condensate volumes).
    • User-friendly thanks to quick-assembly housing – seal-free.


    • Weight 1,3 - 12,1 kg
    • Diameter 15 - 50 mm
    • Pressure 16 - 40 bar
    • CONA M Data Sheets
      Detailed information regarding CONA M thermostatic steam trap; specifications, materials, applications, etc.