Thermodynamic steam traps, for discharging of slight to higly sub-cooled condensate. Featuring inside or outside strainer.

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Small, practical, weather resistant option ...!

Features :

  • Impervious to weather to ensure high performance. Cap with heat chamber on most models (water-shock resistance).
  • High performance. Integral non-return protection function.
  • User friendly, separate control cartridge and heat chamber replaceable on site.
  • Small size and weight for optimum handling. Rapid assembly (see also „CONA“ B).
  • Long life through protection against impurity (with inside strainer or on request with outside strainer for easy cleaning)!


  • Weight 0,8 - 3,7 kg
  • Diameter 15 - 25 mm
  • Pressure 40 - 63 bar
  • CONA TD Data Sheets
    Detailed information regarding CONA TD thermodynamic steam trap; specifications, materials, applications, etc.