Ball float steam traps, featuring back pressure-free condensate discharge, even at extreme pressure as well as quantity fluctuations.

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For major fluctuations in pressure and volume - for instant drainage with no temperature loss ...!

Features :

  • High-performance: instantaneous condensate drainage with no temperature loss gives backpressure-free condensate removal, even under extreme fluctuations of pressure and volume.
  • For high performance and economy, check valve incorporated as standard. Your economic benefit by eliminating the need for an additional non-return valve in line.
  • Controller with automatic air venting/liquid drainage also incorporated as standard for high performance and economy.
  • Exceptionally robust ball float for long life.
  • Rapid system start-up possible due to thermostatic control element (air vent/liquid drainage).
  • Optimum on-site handling, converts easily from vertical to horizontal installation.
  • Weight 7,2 - 42 kg
  • Diameter 15 - 100 mm
  • Pressure 16 - 160 bar
  • CONA S Data Sheets
    Detailed information regarding CONA S ball float steam trap; specifications, materials, applications, etc.