Temperature regulators with two tenperature sensors, work on the principle of thermal expansion. Available as thermal closing, opening and mixing / diverting valve.


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Features :

  • Self operating (no auxiliary power needed).
  • Reliable, low maintenance operation.
  • over temperature safety device
  • Valves pressure balanced with stainless steel bellows.
  • 3 thermal controller sizes for optimal selection of proportional range.
  • Thermal sensors with  different time constants.
  • Exact and easy adjustment.
  • Setting point is adjustable
  • Sensor pocket.
  • Manual control device.
  • Weight 3,3 - 19,5 kg
  • Diameter 15 - 50 mm
  • Pressure up to 16 bar
  • ARI-TEMPTROL Data Sheets
    Detailed information about TEMPTROL the temperature regulating valve; specifications, materials, applications, etc.