SAFE 901

Full lift safety valve / standard safety valve for large capacities with semi nozzle feature.

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More Efficiency:

  • HVAC valve approval (fig. 903) up to 16 bar.
  • Opening pressure by max. 1,1 times set pressure.
  • Due to application of modern construction features (high seat, CrNi disc with lifting aid, favourable shape of flow area, precise guiding of disc and spindle).

More Reliability:

  • With balanced piston and protection rim as standard for stainless steel bellow.
  • Minimum fugitive emissions (bellows seal variation available for SAFE/SAFE-P/SAFE-TC).
  • Through options: removable lift aid (chemical version), pickling (as standard for stainless steel variants), hole for control-manometer.
  • Type-test-approval (all SAFE-Products inclusive bursting discs).
  • Through ASME-certification of National Board (USA).

More Ecomomy:

  • ARI-SAFE-Calculation Program for valve sizing.
  • Cost savings (long life through hardened disc).
  • Economic spring selection (large uniform set pressure ranges).
  • Through a long lifetime (springs KTL-coated).
  • Weight 8,5 - 165 kg
  • Diameter 20 - 150 mm
  • Pressure up to 16 bar
  • ARI-SAFE Data Sheets
    Detailed information about SAFE safety valve; specification, materials, applications, etc.
  • ARI-SAFE ANSI Data Sheets
    Detailed information about SAFE safety valve according to ANSI standard; specifications, materials, applications, etc.