Basically spring loaded control valve to connect two systems with different pressure, PRESO is a specifically designed valve to regulate pressure and therefore ensuring long lifetime of your system.

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    The pressure regulating valve PRESO is a spring loaded differential pressure control valve . The main applications are :

    • Pump protection : PRESO is installed parallel to the pump, this secures minimum flow.
    • Application in bypass lines from users, e.g. heat exchanger in thermal oil systems to sustain a minimum flow.
    • Parallel to piping systems to avoid higher differential presure.
    • Pressure maintaining valve to avoid the flashing in condensate system.

    Selection of possible applications are industrial installation, processing technology and manufacturing plant with flow media such as liquids, gas, vapour and steam.

    • Weight 3,6 - 43,7 kg
    • Diameter 15 - 100 mm
    • Pressure 16 bar
    • ARI-PRESO Data Sheets
      Detailed information about PRESO the pressure regulating valve; specifications, materials, applications, etc.