Your energy saver with two face-to-face dimensions in a single design, free maintenance, soft sealed. Effective for HVAC facilities application.


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Features :

  • Corrosion protection through a dew-point barrier integrated into the insulating cap.
  • The German TÜV Approval 8/59 as a guarantee for tested safety.
  • Precisely defined quality assurance when the order is placed due manufacture in conformity with DIN ISO 9001.
  • Proved by СЄ-certification for assured quality.
  • Smooth, easy-moving actuation in all valve positions through the tilting stem guide (ARI patent!).
  • The dependable, million-fold proven WEDI-EDD “resilient double-sealing system”.
  • Resealing of the cone to relieve the WEDI-EDD when the valve is fully open.
  • Long life of the WEDI-EDD due to the superior surface quality of the stainless steel stem with rolled external thread an burnished stem.
  • Dependable shut-off and throttle function, and long service of the fitting due to the standard non-rotation loch and double-guided cone in the body.
  • Surface-coated metal handwheel for the highest possible stability, even under maximum stress.
  • Insulating cap to protect against dirt an corrosion.


  • Weight 2,9 - 105 kg
  • Diameter 15 - 200 mm with flanges & 15 - 50 mm with screwed sockets
  • Pressure 6 - 16 bar