Free of maintenance combined flow regulating valve - soft sealed. Featuring position indicator as standard as well as non-rising handwheel and travel limiter.


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Features :

  • Precision through optimised regulating function (screw-down globe concept)
  • Two-fold safety through metal bellows with safety packing (ASTRA®-„Plus“)
  • Gland packing at DN250-400
  • Ideal regulating properties through equal cercentage characteristic curve up to a stroke of approx 45% (linear characteristic curve in the regulating range above stroke > 45%)
  • V-port plugs withstanding high dynamic forces within the entire stroke (ASTRA®-„Plus“ DN 250-400)
  • Reliable seal through integrated, well established and tested double seal system (EDD / ASTRA®)
  • Exact adjustment accuracy through documented characteristic flow curves (in accordance with IEC 534/VDMA 24423; measurement by „Delft Hydraulics“)
  • Precise regulation and isolation through regulating plug with PTFE (also for contaminated media) ASTRA®-„Plus“: metal-to-metal sealed regulating plug
  • Extremely reliable sealing even under severe conditions through bellows sealing (in accordance with „TA-Luft“ Technical Instructions)‚ metal sealed (ASTRA®-„Plus“ DN 15-200)
  • СЄ-certification according to Pressure Equipment directive


  • Weight 3,5 - 765 kg
  • Diameter 15 - 400 mm
  • Pressure 16 - 25 bar
  • ARI-ASTRA Data Sheets
    Detailed information about ASTRA & ASTRA Plus Flow Regulating Valve; specifications, materials, applications, etc.
  • ARI-ASTRA Flow Diagram
    Flow diagrams of ASTRA & ASTRA Plus flow regulating valves based on several test results with different parameters.