Free of maintenanca butterfly valve with elongated eyelets - soft sealed. Featuring nodular iron body and stainless steel disc.


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Feratures :

  • Easy assembly through substantial savings in weight and height.
  • Simplified planning, economical stock-keeping, fast order processing through universal product concept; many different applications (one flange connection for all pressure ratings of one nominal width).
  • Accurate temperature measurement directly in the valve disc
  • Increased functional reliability even in „aggressive“ surroundings through KTL coating on hand lever and corrosion-protected components
  • Increased reliability through a high level of stability - even under difficult conditions (housing made of nodular iron)
  • Two-fold safety connection through chambered sealing mechanism (either EPDM, NBR or FPM)


  • Weight 1,4 - 111 kg
  • Diameter 25 - 500 mm
  • Pressure 6, 10 & 16 bar
  • ARI-ZESA Data Sheets
    Detailed information about ZESA butterfly valve; specifications, materials, applications, etc.
  • ARI-ZESA Flow Diagram
    Flow diagrams of ZESA butterfly valve based on several test results with different parameters.